Hi! I am Derick and am excited to tell you a little about myself.

I am a 23-year-old Honduran and have a bachelor's in Computer Software Engineering. I currently work as an Automated QA Developer and, have I mentioned that I love it?

My career in Automated QA started in October 2018 with WebdriverIO, Mocha, and Chai. It was thrilling to discover how much can be achieved with Automated QA—I pay close attention to details, so I thought to myself: "this is it, this is my career."  

Later, I explored other frameworks such as Protractor, Cucumber, Selenium and NUnit, which I have used for a variety of projects and have enjoyed the experiences. I am currently looking forward to making that list grow and am excited about it.

I also love to cook, but there is no Undo in the kitchen, so I rather keep it "simple" with Automated QA.